Medication Assisted Treatment

The disease of addiction is complex and chronic. There are a variety of treatment approaches and, as with many other diseases, there is not one single approach that works for everyone. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provides relief to many individuals suffering with opioid use disorders and alcohol dependence. Janus offers three forms of MAT: Methadone, Buprenorphine (Suboxone), and Naltrexone (Vivitrol). It is understood that medication alone is not sufficient treatment and that participation in counseling is a required component of all treatment programs. The Janus treatment team offers a variety of individual and group counseling options. Download our Janus MAT Brochure for more information.

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The standard and most widely used medication for opioid use disorders is Methadone. Methadone is a synthetic, long-acting opioid that eliminates withdrawal symptoms and decreases cravings, allowing the patient the ability to focus on repairing life issues and engage in healthy activities. Operating under state and federal guidelines, this liquid medication is provided as an oral daily dose, supporting stabilization through regular interaction with the treatment team. Patients attend counseling sessions and receive support and referrals in order to restore balance and order in their lives. Methadone is covered by Medi-Cal and we offer a sliding scale for cash paying patients. Offered at: Janus Community Clinic, 1000A Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz Janus South County, 284 Pennsylvania Drive, Watsonville


Dr. Morris, Janus’ Medical Director, is licensed to prescribe Buprenorphine (Suboxone), another option for the treatment of opioid dependence. Buprenorphine works by partially occupying opioid receptors to reduce cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms. Counseling is a necessary component to assist clients in changing behaviors and regaining a productive and healthy lifestyle. Buprenorphine is covered under the client’s pharmacy benefit or Medi-Cal, and we offer a sliding scale for cash paying patients. Group and individual counseling services may be covered under insurance. Offered at: Janus Community Clinic, 1000A Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz


Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is a medication used in the treatment of alcoholism and opioid addiction. This medication is administered once monthly by injection. With Naltrexone in the system, the client does not feel the euphoric, or pleasant, effects of opioids or alcohol. This medication reinforces a person’s resolve to remain drug-free by eliminating the positive reinforcement from using alcohol or opioids. Naltrexone is especially helpful to people who have attained some long-term abstinence, possibly by completing a residential treatment program. It is currently offered to some jail inmates prior to release to help prevent them from returning to drug use. Clients must be completely opioid-free in order to receive the injection. Medi-Cal and some private insurance policies cover the cost of the medication. There are additional fees for medical services and counseling is required for clients receiving Naltrexone at Janus. Offered at: Janus Community Clinic, 1000A Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz


SCOPE – Santa Cruz Overdose Prevention & Education

The Santa Cruz Overdose Prevention & Education program (SCOPE) at Janus provides overdose prevention kits and education to individuals and community organizations. These kits contain two doses of Naloxone, which can reverse opioid overdoses when administered promptly. Syringes and instructions are included in a small sharps container for safe disposal after use. Anyone who uses opioids or lives with or near anyone who uses opioids (including IV heroin) is urged to obtain a kit. A $20.00 donation is requested but a kit will not be denied to anyone due to inability to pay. Contact us at (831) 462-1060 to inquire about obtaining a SCOPE kit or to set up a SCOPE training for your organization.




Janus MAT Programs

About Us

Janus of Santa Cruz provides CARF accredited medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid dependent individuals in MAT clinics located in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Methadone is the primary medication used in MAT although the program can provide Suboxone (buprenorphine) and Vivitrol (naltrexone) as well. Janus MAT is committed to improving the lives of opioid dependent individuals using medication, counseling, education, case management and referral services. In addition to individual outpatient treatment, Janus strives to educate the community about opioid use disorder and substance use disorders in general and provide opioid overdose prevention through the trainingand provision of naloxone (Narcan) to community organizations, individuals, and partner agencies.

Locations and Hours

Janus Community Clinic
1000A Emeline Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831)425-0112, F
ax: (831)425-1847
Business Hours
Monday through Friday 5:30 am –2:00 pm
Dosing Hours
Monday through Friday 5:30am –12:30pm
Saturday & Sunday 6:30am –11:00am
Observed Holidays 7:00am –9:00am
Janus South County
284 Pennsylvania Drive, Suites 1 & 2
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: (831)319-4200,
Fax: (831)319-4204
Business Hours
Monday through Friday 5:00 am –1:30 pm
Dosing Hours
Monday through Friday 5:00am –10:00am
Saturday & Sunday 6:00am –9:00am
Observed Holidays 6:00am –8:00am


Janus MAT conducts admissions on Wednesday at our South County location and Tuesday and Thursday at our Santa Cruz location. To begin the process, potential patients arrive at the clinic during business hours prior to the intake day desired and present a valid ID (receipt from DMV with valid dates can be accepted), secondary form of ID (i.e. Medi-Cal card, bank card, etc.) and insurance information. Pre-admission paperwork is given as well as a lab form to have a required blood draw completed off-site at LabCorp. The signed lab form must be returned to initiate the scheduling of the intake appt.
The admission process can take3-4 continuous hours. Upon arriving to the facility, a urine specimen and breathalyzer reading are collected. Do not use any substances or consume any alcohol past midnight the day of the appt. or admissions may be postponed for safety reasons. In addition, intake appointments include: a review of program policies and procedures, signing of consents, clinical and medical assessments, a physical exam, and observed dosing. Snacks and reading materials are allowed but not the use of any electronic devices to protect patient privacy. Any applicable fees are also due upon intake. Potential patients arriving late for their scheduled appt. time may be rescheduled for another date.

Payment Information

Janus MAT accepts cash, Medi-Cal and Medicare, and a variety of other insurances. Please call to inquire and seek authorization. Patients who are undocumented or struggling financially can receive financial assistance through grant funding as well.

Courtesy (Guest) Dosing

For those MAT patients visiting the central coast from another MAT program, courtesy or guest dosing can be arranged. Please print and complete the following request form Section 425 – Attachment B – Temporary Transfer RequestCourtesy Dose and keep in mind the following:
  • Courtesy dose request must be received 3 days prior to the start date and cannot begin on weekends or holidays
  • 28 days maximum allowed
  • Must have a valid ID upon arrival
  • Medi-Cal(a printout of their eligibility must be faxed with request)and self-pay (credit card and cash only)is accepted. If dosing through the weekend, payment must be made in advance
  • If any day is missed during the courtesy dosing period, the courtesy dose is void and the patient must return to their home clinic
  • Take-homes are honored as long as the patient has a working lock box •Other Courtesy dose request forms can be honored as long as they contain info. comparable to what is noted in our request form



MAT Transfer Patient

Please contact clinic to schedule an intake. The following consent form lists the paperwork needed to transfer and can be printed and signed to facilitate your care. Section 425 – Attachment C – Medical Tranfers Request



Current Patients

Our mission at Janus is to provide hopeful, supportive, and successful SUD treatment services to individuals and families on their journey towards wellness and recovery in a professional, compassionate environment. To that end, if outpatient treatment feels insufficient to address a person’s opioid dependency, referral to another Janus or SUD program can be arranged. Staff also work closely with other community partners in the Behavioral health and Medical realm to best support our patients. Let us know what we can do to support you!

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Other helpful information inc. notice of privacy practices, Medi-Cal beneficiary handbook, and other Medi-Cal rights, forms, and instructions:

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