Perinatal Treatment

Janus offers a residential treatment program that serves women who are pregnant or parenting young children (up to age five). The central goal of the program is supporting both mother and child in recovery and children live with their mothers during their stay at Janus. Length of stay is based on regular assessments and tailored to individual needs for real results.

Our Perinatal program is an intensive combination of group, individual and family treatment, housed in Janus’ Mondanaro-Baskin Center for Women and Children. Although specific to drug and alcohol dependency, the program also provides care coordination for treatment of coexisting physical or psychiatric conditions as needed. Read our Perinatal Brochure to find out more about this program.


The Perinatal Treatment Program:

  • Teaches skills and behaviors conducive to a drug-free lifestyle
  • Utilizes evidence-based best practices
  • Teaches skills for coping with trauma-related issues
  • Provides medical, legal and vocational/educational support
  • Employs motivational counseling and community support
  • Encourages involvement in recovering self-help communities
  • Coordination of medical services with weekly nursing consultation and support
  • Provides Lifetime AfterCare group counseling after program completion


For Moms

  • A trauma-informed care approach
  • Individualized treatment and recovery planning with progress monitoring
  • Educational and skills-building activities
  • Individual counseling and case management
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Parenting support


For Moms & Their Families

  • Children (ages 0-5 years) can live on-site with their mothers
  • Co-operative childcare
  • Screening and referral
  • Post-NICU support and care coordination
  • Celebrating Families! support groups
  • Employment case management
  • Financial education and skill building


Aftercare Program

Janus’ Lifetime Aftercare Counseling Program is a comprehensive, ongoing support resource for all clients (and family members of clients) who have completed treatment at Janus. This is a lifetime benefit for all alumni as well as family members and is self-referral to our Lighthouse Counseling Team. Call us at (866) 526-877 for details

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