I Just Left Treatment. Now What?

A home away from home encourages recovery & sobriety

Janus’s Sober Living Environments (SLE’s) provide a supportive, motivating setting for recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. We have found an environment of security, support and encouragement is an important first step toward a resident’s continued sobriety.

Typically, people enter sober living environments after leaving a residential treatment program. Here, they can practice what they learned during treatment in a safe and sober setting. Others are admitted to SLE’s when they are assessed for day treatment or Intensive Outpatient treatment but don’t have a safe and sober place to live while attending these programs. SLE’s can also be useful for people who have been through treatment, had a long period of sobriety and then relapsed and need a structured, safe environment to get back to practicing a sober lifestyle.

Janus’s Sober Living Homes

At Janus, our SLE residents are living with others who share a common experience and can encourage each other in their sobriety. Residents observe curfews, are assigned household chores and agree to regular and random drug tests. Clients in an SLE also engage in activities in the recovery community, including, but not limited to, 12-step meetings and SMART recovery therapy. The Janus SLE Manager oversees the activities in all homes.

Sober Living Environments (SLE) can be an effective and important tool in the recovery process, removing individuals from situations that may increase their chances for relapse. SLE residents recovering from drug and alcohol dependence often benefit from living in a community that is structured, safe and sober.

Aftercare Program

Janus’s Lifetime Aftercare Counseling Program is a comprehensive, ongoing support group for all clients who have completed any level of treatment at Janus. This is a lifetime benefit for all alumni. Meetings are offered every week. Call us at (866) 526-8772 for details.

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