Amber Williams


Chief Executive Officer

Amber is an accomplished professional with a passion for healthcare administration and substance use disorder treatment. With a diverse educational background and over 21 years of field experience, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to providing high-quality addiction medicine care.

Amber has a strong track record of driving organizational growth, fostering staff development, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. As the Chief Executive Officer at Janus of Santa Cruz, she oversees a $16 million non-profit organization, guiding strategic development and direction.

Amber is a versatile and creative leader who fosters a culture of mutual support, respect, personal responsibility, and empowerment. Her expertise in policy development, accountability, and vulnerability has contributed to successful service delivery, team building, staff satisfaction, and positive community perception. She embraces calculated risk-taking and a person-centered model of care, continuously seeking creative improvement and the delivery of exceptional addiction medicine care.

Stephanie Macwhorter

Stephanie Macwhorter

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie has contributed positively to the health of the Santa Cruz community, working in both private and public health services since 1989. As a dedicated public health professional, she remains focused on ensuring that accessible, high-quality and effective healthcare services are available to all to keep our community thriving and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Stephanie has been with Janus since July 2021 and was instrumental in launching the “Open Access” model of care for our withdrawal management program. Stephanie’s experience includes over 6 years in operations leadership with Santa Cruz Community Health as well as an integral role in the design and planning of the 1500 Capitola Road Project. This state-of-the-art medical and behavioral health center brought a shared campus with Dientes and MidPen Housing to Live Oak in Santa Cruz County. She has extensive experience working collaboratively with Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan Administrators, County health partners on initiatives aimed at strengthening systems of care for under-resourced, at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Stephanie has also been involved in program development and process improvement within community-based programs, serving individuals struggling with behavioral health challenges, chronic homelessness, substance use disorders, perinatal and pediatric care, and primary care for adults. With her passion and inherent skills for recognizing and improving system gaps, Stephanie plans to continue to expand and improve Janus’s behavioral health programs and SUD/AUD/OUD services for the Santa Cruz community and surrounding area.

Jason Wasche

Jason Wasche, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer

Jason Wasche, D.O., FASAM, is the Chief Medical Officer at Janus of Santa Cruz and Chief Physician & Surgeon of the Integrated Substance Use Disorder Program for California Corrections Health Care Services.

He is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He is also a member of the California Society of Addiction Medicine Opioid Committee, American Society of Addiction Medicine, California Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians and American Osteopathic Association.

Jason has dedicated his time and efforts to treating those who are generally underserved with empathy and compassion, using data-driven information and medical advancements to offer best practices to those in the community.

Bill Morris

Bill Morris, M.D.

Medical Director – MAT Services

Dr. Morris has been with Janus since October of 2003 and is certified to prescribe methadone and buprenorphine. Dr. Morris’ professional background covers many years of study and experience, including a two-year residency at Johns Hopkins and working in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Dr. Morris enjoys working with the people at Janus, touting the collaborative approach to providing effective treatment.

Nancy Krauss

Nancy Krauss, LVN, Ph.D.

NTP Program Director

Under supervision and in collaboration with the Medical Director, Nancy plans, directs, and implements medical services across all Janus programs (Detox Unit, Residential Treatment, Perinatal, Residential Treatment, and Janus MAT Clinics).

Nancy received her nursing degree in 2011 and began her career at Janus as a staff nurse in 2012.

Jeff Hicks

Jeff Hicks, SHRM CA HR Law

Senior Director of People and Culture

As the Senior Director of People and Culture, Jeff collaborates with all levels and programs within Janus to maintain the health and stability of both the organization and the employees that deliver exceptional services to our clients throughout Santa Cruz County.

Jeff comes to Janus with over 25 years of experience in both human resources and operations across a wide array of industries. Having started his career as a theatrical producer, director, and instructor, Jeff later served as executive director of a large non-profit theatrical and educational organization. His program development and training experience led him to serve in executive leadership roles in private business in a variety of industries, including government support services, last-mile delivery, transportation, and hospitality staffing. In every position, Jeff continued to focus on process improvement, change management, leadership training, and community partnerships.

Jeff was personally affected by growing up in a family with a parent coping with an SUD, and in 2023 he joined Janus, where his diverse experience and perspective has brought a unique lens to the Human Resources Department. With this lens, he continues to champion dignity, knowledge, training, equity, respect, and empowerment—all while building a human resources department poised for the next growth phase of Janus.

Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell

Facilities Director

Tony Farrell, a Janus alumni class of 1995, began his career in the trades working for property management companies and private parties in Santa Clara County. He moved to Santa Cruz County in 1981 and continued building and remodeling homes. He began working for Janus as a sub-contractor in 1996 and was hired as an employee in 1997.

In his role as Facilities Director at Janus, Tony works to ensure compliance of our facilities with building and fire code standards for the State, City and County. He has successfully increased the Janus sober living homes from one to three over the years and works with landlords, County case workers, and Janus counselors in providing our clients and the community with safe, sober housing for individuals in need.

Tony has helped to expand Janus, working on the remodeling and building set-up of both North and South County MAT programs, the Perinatal Program, the former Sobering Center, and, most recently, the expansion of our Residential program. Tony also works to support the day-to-day needs of our staff and clients with supplies, office needs and ongoing maintenance of our four facilities.

Tony is affectionately referred to as “MacGyver.” We know we can count on him to save a building from collapsing—even if all he has is just a bottle cap and a rubber band!

Maisy Morrison

Maisy Morrison

Director of Strategy and Design

Maisy is a motivated professional with a B.A. in Political Science from Mills College. She excels in project management, grant writing, and program development. As the Director of Strategy and Design at Janus of Santa Cruz, Maisy designs and implements programs, oversees grants, and improves care standards. She uses her strong background in operations management to successfully manage multi-million-dollar grant programs.

Maisy is known for her strategic thinking, attention to detail, and ability to build relationships. She is committed to community engagement and has mentored others to create positive change. With skills in Microsoft Office, project management, and grant writing, Maisy aims to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in communities.

Marty Brieger

Marty Brieger

IT Director

Marty is an accomplished IT professional with over a decade of experience and has been contributing his expertise to Janus of Santa Cruz since February 2021. Previously, he served in the IT department at Mount Hermon Association Inc., managing Tier 1 and 2 support while aiding in infrastructure projects and system upgrades.

Marty’s educational background includes an AS in Computer Networking & System Administration and an AS in Web Media, providing a solid foundation for his proficiency in Linux, Windows, Azure, virtualization, hardware, security, and networking. Marty is dedicated to integrating modern technology into current business solutions while maintaining a customer-oriented IT department.