Courtney Barrett
Program Director: Residential, Withdrawal Management and Admissions

Courtney Barrett is a lifelong resident of Santa Cruz and has been with Janus for over 10 years. Courtney has supported the agency in a vast array of roles, including as a Perinatal Treatment Technician, Women’s Outpatient Counselor, Outpatient Services Coordinator, Perinatal Admissions Specialist, and Admissions Manager, culminating in her current role of Director of Admissions, Withdrawal Management and Residential Treatment Services.

Courtney brings extensive experience in Perinatal and Women’s treatment services, a CADC level II certification, a specialty certification in Women’s treatment services, and Seeking Safety Supervision and Fidelity to her work. Courtney is grateful to continue to have the opportunity to serve and support her community here at Janus.

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