Tony Farrell
Facilities Director

Tony Farrell, a Janus alumni class of 1995, began his career in the trades working for property management companies and private parties in Santa Clara County. He moved to Santa Cruz County in 1981 and continued building and remodeling homes. He began working for Janus as a sub-contractor in 1996 and was hired as an employee in 1997.

In his role as Facilities Director at Janus, Tony works to ensure compliance of our facilities with building and fire code standards for the State, City and County. He has successfully increased the Janus sober living homes from one to three over the years and works with landlords, County case workers, and Janus counselors in providing our clients and the community with safe, sober housing for individuals in need.

Tony has helped to expand Janus, working on the remodeling and building set-up of both North and South County MAT programs, the Perinatal Program, the former Sobering Center, and, most recently, the expansion of our Residential program. Tony also works to support the day-to-day needs of our staff and clients with supplies, office needs and ongoing maintenance of our four facilities.

Tony is affectionately referred to as “MacGyver.” We know we can count on him to save a building from collapsing—even if all he has is just a bottle cap and a rubber band!

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