Vanessa Magee, ASW

Vanessa started as the Project Unite Care Coordinator at Janus in October 2020. She works directly with Dominican Hospital to support those with complex medical conditions and co-occurring disorders in reaching their treatment goals. In doing so, they are often admitted directly into residential treatment, outpatient groups, or therapy services from their hospital stay. This ensures they are served at a critical time in their lives. She understands the courage it takes to engage in treatment and is dedicated to supporting clients with their unique physical and mental health needs. Vanessa received her MSW from CSU Monterey Bay and previously worked extensively in geriatric care management before coming to Janus.

Angela Vincent

For over a decade, Angela has served others through her work as a high school teacher, nature connection mentor for youth, and wilderness rites of passage guide for adults. Angela’s work as a Behavioral Health Intern at Janus will be one step closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming a LMFT, a career that aligns with her dedication to living a path of service embedded in personal transformation and self actualization. Angela believes that we all belong, we all need each other, and that we are in this together, and she is thrilled to join the family of dedicated and loving individuals at Janus of Santa Cruz. When she isn’t in school or working, Angela can be found exploring the wilderness within and without with her magnificent dog Circe and partner Tad.