Amber Williams

Amber has worked as a Counselor, Discharge Case Manager, Admissions Director, Special Projects Manager, and Accreditation Specialist at Janus for over 17 years. As Chief Compliance Officer and Business Development Director at Janus, Amber was responsible for business relations, quality improvement and compliance for the organization. She is an active surveyor with the Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

In the role of CARF surveyor, Amber traveled around the country to provide consultation to other organizations that aspire to achieve the CARF gold standard of care for their clients. Amber holds a degree in Psychology with a sub-specialty in Substance Use Disorders and is currently working toward her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

Stephanie Macwhorter

Stephanie has contributed positively to the health of the Santa Cruz community, working in both private and public health services in Santa Cruz County since 1989. She is a dedicated public health professional, focused on ensuring that accessible, high quality and effective healthcare services are available to all, so our community is thriving and healthy in mind, body and spirit. Stephanie’s experience includes over 6 years in operations leadership with Santa Cruz Community Health as well as an integral role in the design and planning of the 1500 Capitola Road Project, a state-of-the-art medical and behavioral health center bringing a shared campus with Dientes and MidPen Housing to Live Oak.

She has extensive experience working collaboratively with County health partners on initiatives aimed at strengthening systems of care for under-resourced, at-risk and vulnerable populations. Stephanie has been involved in program development and process improvement within community-based programs, serving individuals struggling with behavioral health challenges, chronic homelessness, substance use disorders, perinatal and pediatric care, and primary care for adults. With her passion and inherent skills in recognizing and improving system gaps, Stephanie plans to continue to expand and improve Janus’s behavioral health and SUD/AUD services for the Santa Cruz community and surrounding area.

Jason Wasche

Dr. Wasche earned his medical degree at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine before completing his residency at Natividad Medical Center.

Holly Hughes

Holly is a highly accomplished behavioral health clinician with over 20 years of experience offering high-quality care to her patients. She is known in California as a skilled behavioral health leader with the ability to execute large-scale initiatives in complex environments. Holly’s system-change work is rooted in integration principles, emphasizing true collaboration among disciplines. She is a faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Communication, and an experienced trainer of Motivational Interviewing and Trauma Informed Care models.

Holly’s work was inspired by her grandmother, who dedicated her life to the care and advocacy of Holly’s uncle, who lives with developmental disabilities. Holly is a member of the LGBTQI community and she is a partner and an advocate dedicated to shifting systemic racism and other types of oppression to support the health and wellbeing of the community.

Bill Morris

Dr. Morris has been with Janus since October of 2003 and is certified to prescribe methadone and buprenorphine. Dr. Morris’ professional background covers many years of study and experience, including a two-year residency at Johns Hopkins and working in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Dr. Morris enjoys working with the people at Janus, touting the collaborative approach to providing effective treatment.

Clinton Sandoval

Clinton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about connecting with people in the community he lives in and sharing tools that are evidence based to support lasting change for patients. Clinton’s approach accounts for a patient’s humanity, identity, biology, spirituality, and resiliency. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work, Clinton learned social work practice in community health clinics, veterans affairs, community housing, mental health, and hospice for the past 15 years.